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CAPTCHA - Verifying My Authenticity: A Journey of Spiritual Transformation and Divine Love

By Shelisa Hull

My latest adventure has been setting up a website for my blog, "Destined For Delight," alongside launching my YouTube channel and creating my first video. Navigating the technical aspects has been quite the challenge—I excel at many things, but being a "tech guru" is certainly not one of them! Over the past month, I've absorbed a tremendous amount through reading, listening, and watching tutorials. Stretching my time, resources, and brainpower has been demanding yet incredibly rewarding.

Throughout this process, the Holy Spirit has been an incredible guide. Whenever I encountered a roadblock, I would pause, take a deep breath, and pray, "Holy Spirit, teach me." Miraculously, I would notice a button I hadn't seen before or stumble upon a video that perfectly answered my questions. Interestingly, this journey has also sparked profound revelations in the most unexpected ways.

While frequently interacting with various digital platforms, I often encountered CAPTCHAs—those little boxes that verify whether the user is an authentic human. During one of these moments, I had a striking realization: there was a time when I wouldn't have passed a spiritual CAPTCHA challenge. I was far from my authentic self and even further from embracing my beloved identity. 

Reflecting on this, I thought about the times when my life was defined by striving, performance, and titles. Now, through the transformative power of divine love and identity, I've moved from feeling depressed, disillusioned, and disappointed to recognize that I am His delight, loved, and at rest. This transformation is not just a personal victory; it's a testament to the life-altering power of divine love and identity.

This process did not happen overnight. In fact, I still occasionally recognize an old thought pattern creeping in. Working the lies out and the truth in takes time. But as we walk in our Covenant of Adoption and acknowledge His divine Presence in our lives, the Transformation of true identity comes. Then, the fun of learning to live in the circle dance of Communion with the Trinity and walking in Healing and wholeness. The reality is the constant Affirmation from God about my identity, and His love has forever ruined me for anything less. 

Now, I would like for you to read that paragraph again slowly, and as you do, you will find the practical keys I found to help me embrace my beloved identity. See the letters CAPTCHA appear.

Covenant: Embracing the eternal promise of God's love and commitment to us.

Adoption: Celebrating our adoption into God’s family, securing our place as His beloved children.

Presence: Acknowledging and valuing the continuous divine presence in our lives.

Transformation: Undergoing a personal transformation through understanding our true identity in Christ.

Communion: Engaging in deep communion with the Trinity, reflecting the relational nature of God in the circle dance.

Healing: Healing and wholeness in every area of life, embracing a vibrant ZOE life in Christ.

Affirmation: Receiving constant affirmation from God about our identity and His love, shaping how we view ourselves and our purpose.

In future blog posts, we can take a deeper dive into each one of these truths. But for today, simply meditate on each of those words, and as Proverbs 2:2 and Luke 8:8-10 TPT instructs us, "Listen with your heart and you will understand!" Selah

Until next time, Beloved, remember there is MORE!


Anissa Zucker Kainos Joy Podcast
Anissa Zucker Kainos Joy Podcast
Jun 16

Beautiful depiction of God's redemptive grace and love which pursues us always and forever... transforming us from the inside out ! :-)


Jun 12



Melissa Jarrett
Melissa Jarrett
Jun 11

Love this! ❤️

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