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Invaded by Love: How Jesus Shattered Adam's Delusion and Restored Our True Identity

By Camden McGill

The mythology of Adam's delusion, our delusion, invaded by Christ: to demonstrate the Father's love to all of humanity 

The dark and fallen world of Adam's mythology has been invaded, experienced, exposed, and shattered in Jesus Christ. Jesus knows the Father and His embrace in the deepest depths of our hell. 

The plan A for humanity? Sending Jesus to invade our misunderstanding of the Father to restore our intended existence found inside of union with Father, Son, and Spirit; to bear our sin, our hamartia, our distorted blueprint and invade it as He smuggles Himself into it all with the light of absolute perfect love. 

Grace pitched a tent, rolled up His sleeves, and stayed until He dealt with it all, blowing it all up from the inside out with grace, truth, tenderness, and mercy. 

These aren’t just common “attributes” of God; they’re who He is. These aren’t words we should just glance over in the Bible because we’ve heard them our whole lives or think about sometimes when they’re communicated to us on Sundays. These should be what give us passion, ignite hope, fuel our I-am-ness and beloved identity as His beloved children, to be able to truly say, “I am like the I Am… I am like Jesus! As Jesus is, so am I in this world.” 

They’re so much more than just attributes. They’re the divine nature, existence, and invitation from the Father Himself to us to help us walk in His ways by grace. 

These are who God IS, His “isness,” the ontology of who the Father is. Father, Son, and Spirit had a perfect plan. And that plan is still in effect today. The plan didn’t fail. When humanity fell in the garden, the design for humanity was not deleted from the archives, it was just merely put on pause. And Jesus came to recover and uncover that same passionate plan Him and His Father had for His children all along to be image bearers, walking in fellowship and living the intended place of union we were always meant to live, move, and have our being from and in. 

As He placed His perfect Holy Spirit in us all. Everyone was included in this restoration act. Jesus stepped into our mess, our delusion, our misidentification, our alienation, and our darkness. He smuggled Himself into the fallen mind of humanity. Jesus stepped into the mind that cried, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” This was Jesus speaking on OUR behalf, not His own! Jesus stepped into the originator of these lies, Adam’s fallen mind, as well as the projections, the fear, the pain, and alienation (that was on our end, not His), and Jesus pushed through it all until He found His Fathers face on the other side of our pain, blindness, and fears. 

Jesus proved to us that our perceived reality, appearing to be true about this distant & angry god, was absolutely false and a lie, as He blew it all up with perfect love. Yeshua proved that the Father was incapable of what our projections portrayed Him as capable of. Jesus corrected the lens of our distortion and what we painted onto the face of God, marring Him with our own paintbrush.. Jesus, who never acted independently of His Father, showed us what the Father was truly like. Abba was in Christ on the cross, reconciling the entire world back unto Him.. the Father did not turn His face, did not abandon Jesus, and did not murder His Son.

I remember back in November of 2021, I was driving down Interstate 75, right before exit 306 in Adairsville. I was listening and dialoging with Holy Spirit, and out of nowhere, I had this overwhelming sense of presence invade my vehicle. And I hear Holy Spirit speak to me and say: “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me..’ was not My Son's language. It was yours. I did not crucify My Son. I crucified your language and your capacity to think that I am actually capable of abandoning and forsaking you. I. Do. Not. Do. Abandonment—I’m incapable of it.” 

Immediately, I began to be flooded with tears, joy, peace, and even a bit of confusion at the time— because no one around me spoke this language, and I had never heard a preacher speak it. You know, we unfortunately have always heard things like “Jesus was satisfying God's wrath” or “God can’t look on sin, so He had to turn His back on Jesus”… you know, all the ignorant and asinine statements we have unfortunately had to adopt and be forced to believe here in the west. 

But during this time, I wasn’t listening to any particular preacher, any specific voice, except for one man who at the time was a leader in my life who had introduced me to the “idea” of beloved identity, but still sprinkled a little bit of the system in with it. Law and grace cannot mix; there can be no leaven of both, no mixture, for one has to dismiss the other. 

During this time, I was still system & sin conscious. I knew about the Father loving me but still dealing with a romance issue and not seeing myself or the Abba exclusively revealed in Jesus correctly. But boy, after this day, did I ever… everything changed from then on out. Every systematic voice, language, and lie was absolutely shredded that day; even if I had no proof and no one to back me up, I still believed it with all my heart. Then, about a month or two later, I was introduced to amazing and brilliant men such as Damon Thompson and C. Baxter Krueger; their wonderful voices and they just confirmed so many things for me to the point I knew it was right. I begin to think… wow, He really is this good and can’t leave me. If He could leave Jesus, then that means He could leave me or you, but He didn’t. He wasn’t pouring out His wrath on Jesus; he was pouring out His wrath on our inferior perspectives, and the Father and Jesus, according to Paul, were together on the cross, reconciling the entire human race back unto the Father. Wow! This is truly good news and makes you rethink everything you’ve ever known. Which the Father 100% will ask of every one of us. 

Jesus was not “saving you from His wrathful Dad” because the Father was IN CHRIST, and THEY, together, were reconciling you back to your intended beginning. They were together; Jesus wasn’t rejected & abandoned, and they were subjecting themselves to our murder device called the cross, so much to the point that Jesus was even able to wear the lens of our darkness, our misidentification, our twisted delusion until He found His Fathers’ face and was able to then say, “It is finished, My bride” as well as “Father, into Your hands, I commit My Spirit.” 

Now, does that sound like a God who forsook His Son? No, that sounds like a projected idea of separation stemming from delusion, and Jesus found the Father's face in the middle of all of that.

The Father never left Jesus as Jesus was embracing our shame, our guilt, our lies about the Father. He took it all on to dismantle what we believed was true about His Abba, our Abba… and Jesus saw Abba in the deepest depths of our own hell, our dilemma. I choose to see like Jesus. Because only He knows fully who the Father is. Not Job, Isaiah, Moses, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Adam, or anyone else who doesn’t see that Jesus is the exact representation of who God is as Papa… every other lens is inferior. Your true identity cannot be found any other way. 

Friend, He really is this good. He really is this kind. He can be no other than Love. He is not dualistic. He is not retributive. He is not a punisher. He is not a murderer/killer. I don’t care what anyone’s favorite preacher says or any modern-day Bible translated by legalists or reinforcers of biases that elevate the penal substitutionary theory of atonement over Jesus... I don’t say that with a stone in my hand, but I do say it with a burning heart of passion because Holy Spirit and Love truly speak a better word. 

He is our Papa, and He is only kind and good. If He really is the same yesterday and today, then we must rethink everything with a pair of Christological lenses. For Jesus is the Way to the Father, the Truth about the Father, and the very Life/existence of who the Father really is. And Jesus is the truth about you. 



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